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Farmers’ Market Road Race and Trail Run

img_greenmeadowsveggiesWant to make a difference? Then lace up your shoes and register for this year’s newest tastiest races: The  Farmer’s Market Road and Trail Races. These races support the National Farmers Market Association.

This years Spring race (June 8th) and Fall (October 4). Both races support to help extend the scope of NFMA’s important community outreach programs.

Both events take place in the bucolic New England countryside.  Historic Green Meadows Farm — once the home of General George Patton, and now a multi-faceted local resource for fresh produce and local community networking — couldn’t provide a more picture-perfect background for the kickoff event! Historic Spencer Peirce Little Farm in beautiful Newbury MA.

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Fall 2014 Race Information

Farmers Market 5K & 10K Race

The 5K & 10K Run take place on Saturday October 4, 2014. This event is a family friendly event that will educate the public and provide awareness of the benefits of affordable, healthy foods, sourced through local farmers markets. It will be a fun day for families to come out, learn about farmers markets and participate in a community event. Continue reading

Sponsors and vendors add flavor

Fresh Food Run vendors create and operate producer-only farmers markets. Participation is only for regional farmers/producers who sell what they grow, raise or produce on their own farm or facility. We prioritize producers who use local farm ingredients. Some of the Local vendors that will be joining the fabulous 5K Fresh Food Run:


Just to name a few!